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While any congregation, wherever located, may become a subscriber, the Parish Resource Center recognizes that the benefits of subscription are more readily available to local subscribers than to more distant ones. Accordingly, the Parish Resource Center has established centers in four locations. The Lancaster PA Center is the founding center and corporate office for Parish Resource Center, Inc.

Currently, there are two other affiliates, located in Valley Stream, New York; and Rocky Point, New York. All of the Centers abide by the Mission, Values, and Principles of the PRC. An annual review is conducted as well as accreditation every five years. The PRC is working to develop a national network to offer on line training and resources.

However in this World Wide Web culture, the Parish Resource Center is developing a website and social network community to support the work of congregations and its leaders. Watch this site and affiliate sites for future development.

Click here to visit the National PRC site.

If you are interested in establishing a Parish Resource Center, joining the Affiliate network, or being resourced by the web, please contact Dr. Loughery.

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