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Customized Consultations

The core service of the Parish Resource Center is personal guidance and assistance for clergy and laity. Our professional consultants serve as adjunct staff of subscribing congregations.

They know how to listen and discern the uniqueness of each congregation and person who uses the Center. This enables us to provide sensitive guidance to people who want to give their best in service.

Each consultant has specialized skills but all are able to assist with the varied challenges facing congregations today. They have professional training, practical experience and abundant creativity.

Subscribers do not need to have everything worked out in advance. Our consultants help clarify tasks, develop plans and find the best materials to carry them out. They help eliminate the anxiety of wondering what to do and how to do it.

Consultants prefer to meet with subscribers face to face. However, they also are available by telephone, internet, fax or U.S. postal service.

Sample Requests

Here is a sampling of questions the Parish Resource Center Consultants have helped congregations address. Our Consultants help pastors, staff and volunteers analyze the task, work together to develop a plan, and enhance that plan using library resources.

Leadership Development

  • We need help examining jobs, duties, and structure of our church leadership.
  • I need some worship team leadership training resources.
  • Please help us design a day-long leadership retreat for church officers.
  • Help us design a questionnaire dealing with all aspects of congregational life.
  • What should we consider as we think about building our new church?
  • Where can we find information or guidelines for the compensation of church musicians?


  • I am looking for creative ideas for a Stewardship Program: theme, ideas, activities, lessons, etc.
  • Five years ago about 30% of the budget was for benevolences. Today it is 14% and many programs are stagnated. How can we address the stewardship issue?
  • Could you provide 3 or 4 Stewardship Programs and adapt them to a year round plan?
  • We need materials, activities and group participation exercises for adults on stewardship and care of our natural resources.

Growth and Evangelism

  • Can you help our church write a mission statement?
  • What are the main strategies that churches use for growth programs?
  • What is evangelism? How do we 'do' evangelism in and out of church?
  • I would like some ideas for a Bible Study for personal growth.
  • We have established a new Church Transformation and Growth Initiative Committee. Can you help?

Inspiring and Involving Volunteers

  • I need volunteer management ideas.
  • I need devotions for the opening of a deacons' meeting.
  • I need some inspirational reading materials.
  • Do you have any inspirational ideas on mentoring?
  • How does a personnel committee function? Help our committee get focused and understand what their task will be.

Teacher Recruitment and Support

  • Help me plan an inspirational presentation for a teacher/training event.
  • I need to teach a young adult class on capital punishment and I don't know where to start.
  • How can I design a 45-minute class that will help elementary children comprehend the plight of the world's hungry people?
  • Could you help me suggest five or six adult elective study courses to present to my class?
  • Do you have a play about the Last Supper for fifth and sixth graders to perform?
  • Our junior church children are easily bored after just having had Sunday school for an hour. What can we do that will be fun and interesting as well as easy to prepare and present?
  • Our Youth Group has been studying communication skills/conflict resolution. We need help with a combined parent/youth session.
  • Can you offer some suggestions for putting together our own Vacation Bible School curriculum?
  • My adult Sunday school class has chosen the topics “Our Maturing Faith” and “The Teachings of Jesus” for their next study topics. What material can I find on these that will fill seven weeks of interesting classes?


  • How should I go about preparing a memorial service for a stillborn baby?
  • I am planning a series of sermons on the Psalms. I need ideas to illustrate the Psalms and suggestions on power point, drama, choral readings, etc.
  • Please help us design a youth program on suicide and personal development.
  • We need some banners to go with a choral service celebrating our church's history.
  • Where can I find a traditional service on the “stations of the cross?”
  • I need ideas for my Advent and Christmas sermon series. Are banners also available?
  • How does one go about writing a worship service? Where do I start and what do I include?
  • We need assistance in planning how our congregation's 50th anniversary celebration.
  • Help me design an acolyte recognition program.
  • Could you help me figure out how to set up, start and train a junior choir?
  • How can I obtain permission to print the words of a song in our church bulletin?
  • Where can I find a litany about Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Other Special Request Topics

  • Church conflict has made a mark on the life of my church, how do we work through this as a congregation and move on?
  • What is the definition of the word DIAKONIA? I called the Public Library and they referred me to the Parish Resource Center.
  • I need a woodworker's pattern for a communion chalice.
  • I need to plan a “Morning Out for Mom” program on using time wisely.
  • I must plan a youth weekend retreat! How do I start? What needs to be done?
  • Where can I find a recording of ocean sounds for a youth party?
  • Can you help us find a location for a women's winter retreat?
  • Our church is thinking about the theology of food. What information can you find on eating together as a Christian experience?

These are just a few of the thousands of requests we have received over the years. We are anxious for your congregation to bring us your challenges!

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