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About Us

The mission of the PRC is to strengthen congregations of all religious faiths by helping them train, coach, and equip their members- lay and clergy - for service and leadership.

Core Competency
Providing individualized consultations and support to provide cost effective results oriented learning opportunities and materials through trained consultants skilled in eliciting the real needs of the congregation and in helping leaders how to address those needs most effectively.

This is supported by professionally led seminars and workshops, a comprehensive library of up to date and board range of materials, and a hospitable environment


  • Trust that God is at work in the person and congregation
  • Peerless Hospitality
  • Boundless Generosity

The Parish Resource Center believes the way to help congregations is to help members who have a call, a vision or a task to do in their congregational setting. In many instances the task may be a little vague, out of focus, or overwhelming - but it is the beginning point for learning.

The Parish Resource Center is committed to helping congregations learn. It assumes that leaders - both professional and lay - decisively affect an institution's style and effectiveness of learning. Rather than trying to motivate the whole organization, the Center provides individualized learning opportunities for those who are ready to learn.

The aims of the congregation, the traditions of which it is a part and the relationship between the two are accepted without judgment by the Parish Resource Center. We are non-sectarian. The mission of the Center is to help leaders and members of congregations focus on and articulate their traditions as they carry out their particular leadership tasks.

When people visit the Parish Resource Center, they bring with them the most important ingredients of the learning process - questions, problems, tasks, puzzlements, visions - and the desire to act on them. The Parish Resource Center staff affirms the gifts the users bring with them and offers them a safe place for creative thinking and planning, someone they can trust to guide them and resource materials to carry out their responsibilities.

Basic Principles

Fifteen basic principles undergird the organization and guide the operation of the Parish Resource Center. These principles are kept visible and operative by both board and staff as they seek to implement the vision of the Center. The Parish Resource Center is:

  1. Church, congregation and religious society oriented. The religious institution at the local level is the focus of the Parish Resource Center's services. Its mission is to strengthen these organizations by providing leadership education and support.
  2. Responsive. The services rendered, training programs offered and resources gathered emerge out of the needs, concerns, problems and visions of congregations.
  3. Comprehensive or holistic. The Center works for the whole congregation. It addresses all aspects of congregational life including education, mission, ministry, worship, outreach, finance, music, the arts and administration. Leaders and workers in all areas need leadership development opportunities and resource materials. The Parish Resource Center provides an opportunity for all elements of a congregation to develop harmoniously.
  4. Educational. The Center's primary activity is to help persons learn how to identify problems and clarify visions, define objectives, design ways of reaching those objectives, develop skills needed to carry out tasks and find and utilize the best resources.
  5. Consultative. The Center does not impose its own biases on the persons served. Rather, it listens to persons and helps them to effect the visions and fulfill the standards they share with their congregation.
  6. Professional. Center consultants are professional by training, conduct and style. They know the theory of their work and are able to subject their practice to that theory.
  7. Fee Based. The relationship between a congregation and the Parish Resource Center is established by the payment of a fee. The primary and recommended structure for this relationship is an annual subscription fee.
  8. Accessible. The constellation of services the Parish Resource Center offers is accessible and easy to use. Barriers are reduced as much as possible and the hours of operation are convenient. Services are offered in ways that reduce time and travel for the subscriber such as off-site consulting and the use of new technologies.
  9. Non-sectarian. The Center is open to all churches, congregations or religious societies who believe they would profit by employing an adjunct educational organization to help develop their leaders and provide resource materials.
  10. Free-standing. In order to maintain accountability and responsiveness to subscribers, the Parish Resource Center is free-standing. It is not an arm or agent of any other organization. It is governed by a self-perpetuating Board of Directors that is responsible for the establishment of policies and maintenance of fiscal integrity.
  11. Cooperative. The Center cooperates with denominational agencies, ecumenical organizations and other groups that are interested in supporting the work and programs of congregations. Special contracts may be developed for serving these organizations.
  12. Businesslike. The purpose of the Parish Resource Center is religious, but it is operated according to business principles. The Center seeks to implement the best insights of business in its management.
  13. Locally-governed. The Board of Directors is composed of persons from the primary area served. They are selected because of their commitment to congregations and their willingness to cultivate local support for the Center's activity.
  14. Self-supporting. The Center is supported primarily by subscribers and others interested in strengthening congregations.
  15. Not-for-profit. The Center does not seek any pecuniary gain incidental or otherwise as a result of its operation. It is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization.

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